We often find ourselves setting financial goals that never come to life because we get distracted by our financial habits. We cover these distractions with excuses and re-set the goals, but before we know it, we create a pattern that keeps repeating itself no matter how big or small the goal is. In this article you will be introduced to an application that aims to change everyday financial habits, leading to unique financial goals. Let’s dive in!

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To most people, dealing with finances can seem overwhelming and complicated but it’s not! In an attempt to change this feeling, TUNZAA has created a simple way to control your finances and reach out for your goals.

Tunzaa is a digital platform that gives you a marketplace from which you can purchase products and decide to either pay instantly or in installments. It connects you to a network of business owners that are ready to receive payment from you on your terms.

What separates this app from any other e-Commerce platform is the privilege it gives to its customers allowing them to pay in installments and receive high-quality products. Tunzaa prioritizes its customer’s needs in a way that simplifies their financial burdens and changes their financial habits for the better.

It has an excellent customer service team that will always be ready to assist you at any time needed, from the beginning of your journey to the end, Tunzaa team will be at your service to answer any questions and facilitate your delivery as soon as you complete your payment.

It is a 100% trustworthy app, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your money because you get to track your payment from the moment you set your order to the last payment you make.

Tunzaa offers multiple payment options (bank & mobile) and guarantees you high-quality products and services from its vendors.


Downloading this app will enable you to stay focused on your goals and budget, Tunzaa will send you reminders when your payment date is due to make sure you do not miss out on your payment schedule.

Gifting your loved one is made easy with Tunzaa, all you have to do is choose your gift, place your order, set your payment time, and start your payment. As soon as you complete the payment, you will receive a call from the Tunzaa team ready to assist in delivering the gift to your loved one. This way you don’t have to compromise your financial goals for temporary changes.

You won’t be the only one giving gifts! Tunzaa rewards its users with gift cards that can be claimed within the app to purchase anything of choice. Thus encouraging positive saving habits.

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It is no doubt that shopping online saves so much time, how about you choose to shop with Tunzaa for a secured, fast and safe delivery with the advantage of paying in installments and a guarantee of receiving high-quality products. Tunzaa works in your favor to make sure you get what you need at the right time and speed but also transform your financial habits and help you accomplish your goals.

A statement from Matiku, one of the users of Tunzaa, says,

Matiku has been a Tunzaa user for seven months now, recently on a user experience session with him he told us how much Tunzaa has been of big help.

The first time he found out about Tunzaa was through Tigo, he received a text message from Tigo that contained a link that led him directly to Tunzaa’s main page, and since then he has been a long-term user of Tunzaa.

Tunzaa double-checks every business and its products to make sure that the products listed are of high quality as expected.

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Download Tunzaa from your mobile Play store or AppStore and register freely. As soon as you finish your registration, you are ready to start browsing for the product or service that you want.

Once you select your product of choice, you get to plan how long you will pay for the product and how you would like to pay for it. Immediately after making your choices, you are ready to start your payments for the product according to your time.

With Tunzaa, the customer is the king, it is a simple and understandable application to use.

Unlike any other app, Tunzaa is always ready to serve its customers in the best way it can, That is why Tunzaa allows its customers to request any product of choice if it is not found in the app. This means that Tunzaa is an app you can trust with your money and needs because it guarantees the safety of your money by communicating closely with you from the moment you place your order to the moment you receive your product or service. But also, Tunzaa is ready to provide you with what you need whenever you need it. Download Tunzaa right now and create the change to your finances. If in any questions or requirements don’t hesitate to contact



Tunzaa is a fintech product that improves financial habits of everyday Africans through gamification with a marketplace for goods & services.

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Tunzaa is a fintech product that improves financial habits of everyday Africans through gamification with a marketplace for goods & services.