Tunzaa is Amplifying Tanzanian Women in Tech

Captured from the current Tunzaa apps on iOS & Android (left), gamification on Tunzaa clickable prototype completed and approved for development (right)
Issues we are addressing with Tunzaa across personal finance, banking, e-commerce & business

What did Tunzaa build?

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Early Adopter

“I am an impulse spender and I love new stuff. Bad combination. Here’s finally a way around it. I could finally buy what I want without putting a dent on my budget, and tame my spending behavior as well. There has been a remarkable behavioral change since Tunzaa”


“I am very grateful to Tunzaa for working with me, it has made life easier for me and for my customers who need to buy things but are unable to pay in lump sum. Tunzaa has come to make it easier for you to pay in tiny installments”

Mwashey “Siima” Soud, Kitchenware Essentials (Tunzaa vendor)

Community Developers

“I saw light and relief in front of me after I knew about Tunzaa. I have been able to buy a lot of books for the library and several schools in Chunya District and I know Tunzaa to this day and all I say is, it is enough light ”

Inviolata Patrick, Community Developer & Manager in Chunya, Mbeya — Tanzania


“Tunzaa gave me the opportunity to believe in my craft, push myself in the realms of the art world and become an entrepreneur. I thank Tunzaa for the giving me a chance and I look forward to creating more in 2022!” Anaïs (Illustrator at Tunzaa)

“I had the opportunity to photograph Tunzaa and the products of their vendors. Throughout the work I was alongside a team that loved their job, was dedicated and it was easy to work with them and even talk to them. “Natalie (Tunzaa Photographer)


“Tunzaa has impacted me in so many beautiful ways, as a customer and as a former team member. It has and still is teaching me (and hopefully many others) a lot in the corporate world. It was and still is an honor being part of Tunzaa.” Christina Mashelle, University of Dar es salaam (Volunteered at Tunzaa)

“Tunzaa was my first thrust into the corporate world and it is definitely a dream workplace. As a scientist, entering the Fintech world was nerve racking but under Tunzaa I felt heard and comfortable.” Sandra (former Customer Services at Tunzaa, she’s now working at Tanzania Breweries Limited)

“Joining Tunzaa has changed my life in a way I never imagined, I have grown and learned so much in a span of a few months. It’s been incredible to watch Tunzaa grow and the team as well as it has.” Maryam Baba, Customer Experience Manager at Tunzaa



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Tunzaa is a fintech product that improves financial habits of everyday Africans through gamification with a marketplace for goods & services.